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Proheart SR12 heartworm prevention- 12 months protection.

1st September 2020

Don’t risk forgetting monthly heartworm treatments.

Has your dog not been treated for heartworm or missed their monthly dose in the last 3 months? If so, then we recommend having your dog tested for heartworm and treated with PROHEART which gives them 12months protection and saves you having to worry about missing their monthly dose. During the months of September and October this year if you choose to go ahead with the PROHEART injection the heartworm test will be FREE.

Even the best owners can occasionally forget or delay a walk, a meal or even a dose of heartworm medication. Unfortunately, when it comes to heartworm, forgetting may have fatal consequences. Don’t put your dog at risk. Come in and speak to us about continuous 12-month protection today. Think 12.

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