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Onsite Pathology

Clinical pathology plays an important role in the diagnostic workup for some of our cases. We are able to perform a wide variety of diagnostic tests in the clinic, including blood analysis with our IDEXX procyte and catalyst machines, urinalysis, cytology and parasite detection.

Does your pet have a skin lump that you would like checked? We are able to investigate lumps and bumps through taking a sample and examining preparations in our onsite pathology lab. This information can then be used to guide recommendations on surgical or medical options or if simple monitoring of the lump is required.

Is your pet eating and drinking normally? Are they displaying signs of excessive thirst, increased or decreased appetite, ongoing gastrointestinal upsets? We are able to perform in house blood and urine testing which can help to evaluate any health issues your pet may be experiencing. As they are performed on the premises, the results can be ready to view quickly and can aid us in managing our more critical patients.

Are you concerned about mites, worms, or other parasites? We are able to examine samples for any nasty critters that can negatively impact your pets health.

Other testing may be performed at other reference laboratories such as histopathology and specialised serum tests

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