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Health Assessments

Our vets provide thorough and informative health assessments to provide personalised advice and treatment for your pet.

Health assessments involve checking your pet from head to tail, looking at their teeth, eyes, ears, checking over the body for any lumps, assessing their skin and coat condition, checking their heart and respiratory sounds, checking their bottom, legs and feet. We can also trim their nails and express their anal glands. This is also a good time to express any concerns you may have about your pet.

Health assessments are generally carried out at the time of your pets annual vaccination, however if your pet doesn't receive a vaccination every year we would still recommend an annual health assessment to ensure your pet has no underlying health concerns that may have gone unnoticed.

At the time of your consultation our knowledgeable nursing staff are also available to discuss parasite prevention (worming, flea, tick control) and nutrition.

Senior Health Assessments

Pets over the age of 7 years are considered seniors and benefit from annual health assessments to identify underlying conditions that may affect their quality of life. Picking up on health problems early can help us target specific needs and aid in intervening in disease processes as animals get older.

A senior health assessment includes a thorough physical examination from head to tail including eyes, teeth, heart, liver, kidneys, lumps and joints.Yearly comprehensive blood and urine testing can help to bring problems to our attention sooner and aid in monitoring issues as they arise.

Once health problems have been identified, there are a variety of interventions and management options for conditions in older pets including dietary management, medical therapies, nutraceutical treatments and preventative health care.

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